Event: Growing for Market Workshop, Sept. 22-25

From Cascade Harvest Coalition:

Foxglove Farm and the Centre for Arts, Ecology & Agriculture presents:

Growing for Market

With Michael Ableman & Josh Volk

September 22nd – 25th

The resurgence of interest and demand for regionally produced food has created a huge opportunity for those who want to become growers and has expanded possibilities for those who are already farming.

Join veteran farmers Michael Ableman and Josh Volk for a two-day intensive workshop on growing fruits and vegetables for market. Day one will focus on production, from soil fertility and preparation, to seed selection and propagation, through harvest and post-harvest. Day two will be devoted entirely to marketing, with sessions on region specific market planning, farmers’ markets, CSA, displays, and restaurant and wholesale sales. This is a nuts and bolts workshop which will cover a range of both perrenial and annual crops and enable participants to learn some of the specific techniques and strategies of a successful market farmer.

Michael Ableman has been farming for over thirty five years. His books, lectures and workshops have inspired people throughout North America. Ableman created Fairview Gardens, at its peak one of North America’s most successful models of local and urban agriculture, where he farmed for twenty five years. Michael currently farms at Foxglove Farm on Salt Spring Island.

Josh Volk has been immersed in the study and practice of vegetable farming in the Northeast, desert Southwest, California and the Pacific Northwest for over twenty years. He helped to develop and manage the very successful Sauvie Island Organics CSA, an intensive twenty-acre vegetable farm outside of Portland, Oregon where he trained over twenty apprentices. Along with farming, Josh has been working as a consultant, writer, and teacher assisting numerous small scale farmers and gardeners. More information can be found at about Josh at www.slowhandfarm.com.

Cascade Harvest Coalition
“We are your local food and farming resource center.”


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