Event: The Business of Sustainability Forum, Sept. 17


Brightest Minds in Sustainability Gather in Seattle for the 2009 Sustainable Industries Economic Forum

SEATTLE—September 2, 2009—The 2009 Sustainable Industries Economic Forum returns to Seattle Sept. 17 seeking to “re-inspire” the inspired with a panel featuring some of the brightest sustainability experts discussing the infinite multi-sector economic potential of sustainable industries. World-renowned environmental economist Paul Hawken will kick off the event, hosted by Sustainable Industries, the nation’s business source for leaders of the New Economy. The forum—now in its fifth year in Seattle—begins at 7:30 a.m. at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

Keynote speaker Paul Hawken, CEO of Pax Engineering Group and author of “Ecology of Commerce” and “Natural Capitalism,” addresses the opportunities created by a triple-bottom-line approach (people, planet, profit) and the frank economic realities of the current business climate. Hawken is a well-known entrepreneur with a deep understanding of business management and hands-on experience making a sustainable business model profitable.

In addition to the keynote presentation, the event features an informational panel of local business leaders, including:

  • Ash Awad, Vice President of Energy and Facility Services for McKinstry
  • Jill Bamburg, Co-Founder and Dean Emeritus of Bainbridge Graduate Institute
  • Michael Butler, Chairman and CEO for Cascadia Capital
  • Kelly Ogilvie, Founder, President and CEO of Blue Marble Energy.

The forum provides attendees the invaluable opportunity to engage in high-caliber networking with Sustainable Industries’ very tightly focused audience of influential business executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

Business leaders across the country recognize that being committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility is not a passing trend, but rather a fundamental component of successful business.  A 2008 survey by The Economist found that “most executives (57%) say the benefits of pursuing sustainable practices outweigh the costs…Specifically, sustainable practices can help reduce costs (particularly energy expenditure), open up new markets and improve the company’s reputation.”

“In a down economy it is easy to ask the question ‘is sustainability still relevant’?” says Brian Back, Founding Editor & Publisher of Sustainable Industries. “Many people think it’s the first thing that goes, but in reality most cutting-edge companies see it as their way out of the downturn.”

About Sustainable Industries

Sustainable Industries is an independent, award-winning business magazine, web site, event and media company serving top-of-the-pyramid sustainable business leaders on the West Coast and beyond. With offices in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, Sustainable Industries connects the dots between the environmental and social components of the region’s economy, just as it connects the dots between leading sectors, to raise the stakes in a working definition of sustainable industries. For more information, visit www.sustainableindustries.com.


Laura Christiansen, Sustainable Industries, laura@sustainableindustries.com (970) 471-6587

Kathleen Warren, Parsons Public Relations, kathleen@parsonspr.com O: (206) 789-5668 / M: (206) 778-6695


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