Sightline Daily top picks 07/10/2009

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Top Picks of the Day

1. World’s largest solar plant may be built in Cle Elum

The sunny, Central Washington town of Cle Elum could be the site of the world’s largest solar power plant, if a Washington company makes good on plans announced Thursday. The plant, which would made up of 400,000 photovoltaic panels powering 45,000 homes, could be up and running in two years. Seattle Times 07/09/2009
2. Obama admin. ready with $3 billion for renewable energy

The Obama administration Thursday unveiled guidelines that will allow companies to apply for some $3 billion in government funds to boost US development of renewable energy projects and create jobs. The funding will help meet the White House’s goal to double US renewable power over the next three years. USA Today 07/09/2009
3. Chinese group plans solar-panel hub in Oregon

A consortium of 30 Chinese companies in the solar panel industry is setting up a US sales hub in Eugene, OR, the group’s president told The Register-Guard. The group, named Centron Solar plans to grow to 200 to 300 employees in a year, and probably also will set up one or two solar panel assembly lines. Eugene Register Guard 07/09/2009
4. Report: OR leads nation in new homeless people

Oregon added more homeless people to its population than any other state, according to a report released Thursday by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Oregon Public Broadcasting 07/09/2009
5. Climate change research forest designated in Tongass

Tongass National Forest managers recently declared 40 square miles at the end of the Juneau road the newest “experimental forest” of the U.S. Forest Service and given it a central research focus of climate change. Juneau Empire 07/10/2009
6. It could happen in King Co.: No money for public health, human services

If people in King County want things like public health clinics, disease prevention programs, and money for food banks, they’re almost certainly going to have to agree to pay more taxes. Seattle Post-Intelligencer 07/10/2009
7. Stimulus funds for tribal water projects

American Indian and Alaskan communities are set to receive $90 million in stimulus funds for water and wastewater projects. Seattle Times 07/10/2009
8. Canada won’t budge on climate goals at G-8 summit

Canada joined its partners in the G8 group of industrialized countries–the US, Russia, Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy–in supporting an overall 80 per cent cut in emissions by mid-century. But Prentice said the Canadian government won’t budge from its vow to reduce emissions by 60 to 70 per cent by 2050. Vancouver Sun 07/10/2009
9. Views: I-1033 could turn Washington into Mississippi

Every time there is a recession year — when the need for government services goes up — the initiative would reduce amount of money that governments are able to spend. Bluntly put, I-1033 jerks away the ladder by which this state would climb out of recession. Seattle Post-Intelligencer 07/10/2009

10. Views: Step forward for CA solar bill
One of the keys to the expansion of solar power has been the opportunity for homeowners and businesses to receive credits for the amount of excess electricity they send back to the grid. San Francisco Chronicle 07/10/2009


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