Event: Farm Tour, August 1

From Cascade Harvest Coalition

Farm Tour Saturday, August 1st 10:00 – 4:00
Participating Farms include: Sun Island Farm, Old Winery Blueberry Farm, Langley Fine Gardens

Sun Island Farm,    7330 SW 248th St  Vashon WA 98070
A small family farm founded By Joe and Celina Yarkin, who strive to grow fresh fruit, produce and chickens in sustainable and innovative ways to feed their family and sell to the community. They have been selling at the Vashon Farmers Market and will be opening up other avenues to deliver Fresh Vashon Grown fruits and produce to the to the Vashon Maury Island community.

Learn about innovative ways for raising your own chicken feed and cutting feed costs dramatically for your own family-sized flock.  Joe and Celina are great advocates in feeling and practice for the idea of growing vegetables and fruit and raising eggs and meat to feed their family of five, practically the whole year-round.    Their small farm and  home is a great model for environmental sustainability and food security.  A real inspiration! 

Old Winery Blueberry Farm
10427 SW 268th St.
The farm is a new farm created 3 years ago as a u-pick blueberry and raspberry farm. It has over 100 blueberry bushes and the plan is to have blueberries this year for u-pick. The raspberries have been picked for the past 2 years as u-pick with new varieties coming this year. There also is a smaller garden with a variety of greens for salads for personal use and for sale to others when there is a sufficient harvest. The u-pick area is also home to several varieties of tomatoes, squash, beans – for sale  when there is  additional crop that is not preserved for personal use.

If you are curious to see a small family garden eked  out of pure clay soil and protected from the deer.  This is the perfect sized ‘home-garden’ wherein the owners feed them selves and can, pickle or freeze the excess.  Ask her about her pickled beets and pickled green beans—the best!  Susie also sells some of the extra produce to friends and neighbors for her seed money.  Across the driveway from the small home-garden:  a beautiful u-pick blueberry and raspberry and cut-flower garden  well protected from the deer and berry-eating birds.  Susie is working hard to bring back the island tradition of berry farms for which Dockton is remembered.  Her garden and berry\flower patch is a great example of how a home-gardener can utilize small spaces and turn a hobby into extra family income.  Located just 1\2 block down 268th  street from Langley Fine Gardens Nursery and  Farm in Dockton.
I am not handicap accessible. Please park at end of drive and walk up

Langley Fine Gardens
10012 SW 268th St.  Dockton – Vashon, Island
A small, sustainable, family-farm and plant nursery.  Owned and operated by Leda and Matt Langley on Vashon-Maury Island.  Celebrating ten years of farming in Dockton, this year.

SheFidgets Catering of Sound Food Restaurant will be providing a seasonal & locally grown Asian-inspired menu:  price range $2.50 – $7.50
Live music as well
View tomato growing area and 2 ½ acres under row-crop production.
Bring a picnic lunch.

Come and see a small acreage farm packed to the gills with productivity.  Every bit of space has been tilled and planted with the row -crop vegetables and flowers which are sold to Vashon Islands local Thriftway grocery store, Island caterers and restaurants.  Never mind the ‘100 Mile Diet’, the Langley Family’s goal is to feed people the ’14 Mile Diet’!  They produce food from June-January and have plans to commit one acre to planting winter produce so that they can sell fresh vegetables the whole year-round.  Visit this farm and get inspired to start your own after viewing innovative irrigation and weed suppression techniques, post-harvest production and storage areas and charming road-side farm stand.  Eating local means eating in  season for the optimum in flavor and freshness. Talk to the farm owners and  Japanese interns about planning for your own winter vegetable garden—August and early September are the perfect times to plant starts and seeds.  Learn about seed-saving and storage as well. Get ready to grow your own food!

Booksigning by Lorene Edwards Forkner, co-author with Carla Emery  of  Canning & Preserving Your Own Harvest

The highly esteemed garden writer, garden designer and West Seattleite , Lorene Edwards-Forkner will be signing and selling her latest book co-authored with Carla Emery at the Langley’s farm tour.  Lorene has a love of all things ‘do-it-yourself’ and enjoys teaching others the DYI lifestyle and her enthusiasm is infectious!  This book explains how to can and preserve the bounty from your garden, the local farmer’s market or local farmstand and goes hand in hand with her and Emery’s most recent book about vegetable gardening which was published this Spring 2009 by Sasquatch Books.  She will be doing a book signing for that at the Vashon Book Shop this Spring.    Lorene was the Langley’s first nursery plant account, over 13 years ago when she and two other friends started their own retail nursery in Fremont; Fremont Gardens on Leary Way in Seattle.  Last year she gave the business to an employee who renamed it Emerald City Gardens.  She wanted to focus on her writing and these two latest books written with Carla Emery are a gift to home gardeners and food lovers everywhere that soil, sunshine and rain come together.  Don’t miss out on either opportunity to talk to her and get these indispensable books.


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