Sightline Daily top picks 07/09/2009

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Top Picks of the Day

1. Pharmacists can’t refuse Plan B pill, appeals court says

Pharmacists are obliged to dispense the Plan B pill, even if they are personally opposed to the “morning after” contraceptive on religious grounds, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday in a case filed in Washington state. Los Angeles Times 07/08/2009
2. Sockeye’s return a tribute to tribes’ persistence

After an absence of about 115 years, sockeye salmon are once again in Cle Elum Lake, north of Interstate 90 near Snoqualmie Pass. The fish are returning thanks to the Yakama Nation, marking yet another effort by Pacific Northwest tribes to restore fish in areas where they have long been extinct. Wenatchee World 07/08/2009
3. Global warming accord spells lifestyle changes

Leaders of the world’s biggest — and dirtiest — economies have agreed for the first time to limit the warming of the Earth to a relatively safe 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) — an important target in fighting climate change. It sounds simple, but it implies a dramatic shift in the way we generate electricity, fuel our cars, and build our homes and skyscrapers. Seattle Times 07/08/2009
4. Homelessness in suburbs, rural areas increases

As the recession took hold last year, homelessness shifted toward rural and suburban areas and gripped a growing number of families, the US government reports. USA Today 07/09/2009
5. Doughnuts and job skills for Portland youth

Urban Opportunities, a job-readiness training program that helps Portland high school kids at risk of dropping out, is rolling out a bright pink doughnut truck in its latest venture to help youth learn job skills and find employment. Oregonian 07/09/2009
6. Wood burning creates top cancer risk in Oregon’s air

Pollution from burning wood in stoves, fireplaces, and elsewhere is the top cancer risk in Oregon’s air — beating exhaust from cars and trucks — according to a US Environmental Protection Agency analysis. Oregonian 07/08/2009
7. Mandate for healthier foods in San Francisco

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is requiring city departments to audit their unused land — empty lots, rooftops, windowsills, and median strips — that could be turned into community gardens or farms. City vendors and vending machines must offer healthy and sustainable food. And farmers’ markets must take food stamps. San Francisco Chronicle 07/09/2009
8. Bike parking a big deal in BC

The CEO of the BC Apartment Owners and Managers Association has promised action on safe and secure bicycle parking in multi-unit dwellings. Some buildings currently forbid residents from bringing bikes into the building or onto their balconies. Georgia Straight 07/09/2009
9. Transportation stimulus driven to rural areas, not cities

Two-thirds of the country lives in large metropolitan areas, home to the nation’s worst traffic jams and some of its oldest roads and bridges. But cities and their surrounding regions are getting far less than two-thirds of federal transportation stimulus money — instead, it’s going to rural areas, potentially driving sprawl. New York Times 07/08/2009

10. Solar sensations under development
Now that President Barack Obama and other world leaders are committing to developing green technology, experts say we’re getting closer to a solar-powered future. That includes cars, planes, cell phones, and even camping tents powered by the sun. ABC News 07/09/2009


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