Sightline Daily top picks 05/29/2009

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Top Picks of the Day

1. Climate change hitting poor in US hardest

Climate change is disproportionately affecting the poor and minorities in the United States — a “climate gap” that will grow in coming decades unless policymakers intervene, according to a University of California study. The Daily Climate 05/29/2009
2. OR legislators agree on plan to insure children

Legislative leaders announced Thursday that they have agreed to expand state health coverage to an additional 80,000 uninsured children and 35,000 low-income adults by taxing hospitals and insurers. Oregonian 05/29/2009
3. Transit key to Vancouver’s urban future

More people will need to live along rapid transit lines and in denser more walkable neighborhoods if Vancouver and other major urban regions in Canada are to successfully grapple with climate change. That’s one of the messages coming from planning advocates who will speak to a TransLink forum on livability Monday. BC Local News 05/28/2009
4. Obama admin. halts road building in federal forests

Nearly two million acres of federal forests in Oregon are again off limits to logging and road building, unless approved by the Secretary of Agriculture. Oregonian 05/28/2009
5. Are NW high-speed rail dreams offtrack?

While rail advocates dream of passenger trains blazing through Washington at 200 mph, freight railroad representatives say anything half that fast won’t work on their tracks. Supporters say it can still be done. Seattle Post-Intelligencer 05/29/2009
6. Jet aircraft biofuel passes flight tests

Initial tests have found that jet fuel made partly of camelina, algae, or other bio-feed stocks can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes by more than 50 percent, doesn’t affect performance, and presents no technical or safety problems, a top Boeing official said Thursday. Olympian 05/29/2009
7. Living spaces go green in BC

More and more Canadians are greening up the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. The market for condos built to high environmental sustainability standards is on fire, and now even single family home developers are going green. BC Local News 05/28/2009
8. How microlending helps communities

Providing small loans to help the poor start or expand businesses is an effective strategy for helping communities ravaged by the recession as well as expanding the overall economy, according to speakers at a conference Thursday. San Francisco Chronicle 05/28/2009
9. New online tool takes world’s temperature

How much warmer could Washington’s summers be in 100 years? Will June rainfall in Australia change by midcentury? Climate experts, including some from the University of Washington, unveil an online tool that shows how global warming could affect the entire world, including changes within cities, states, and countries. Seattle Times 05/29/2009

10. Cigarette butts: tiny trash that piles up
For countless American smokers, cigarette butts are an exception to the no-littering rule. But dozens of municipalities across the nation have had enough. Weary of the butts’ unsightliness and the costs of sweeping them up, cities have passed bans on smoking on beaches and playgrounds. New York Times 05/28/2009


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