Michael Ableman, Center for Arts, Ecology & Agriculture

From Cascade Harvest Coalition:

Michael Ableman and Foxglove Farm are pleased to announce the launch of the Center for Arts, Ecology & Agriculture. Please see www.foxglovefarmbc.ca.

The Center was established to demonstrate and interpret the vital connections between farming, land stewardship, food, the arts, and community well being, to model the economic possibilities for small and medium scale sustainable agricultural and forestry projects, and to nurture the human spirit through public programs, classes, and events.

This year, from July through September, the Center will be offering workshops on topics ranging from organic seed production, home food growing and preserving, to ecoforestry, landscape painting, illustrated journaling and Brazilian samba. The Center is also offering a children’s farm camp. The programs will take place at the historic 120 acre Foxglove Farm on beautiful Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

Come stay in one of our heritage cottages, or camp in a quiet farm meadow, eat fresh farm food (meals are included in workshop fees), and learn from some of North America’s most accomplished farmers, artists, and foresters. Please see www.foxglovefarmbc.ca for more information and workshop registration. We look forward to seeing you on the farm this summer!


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