Sightline Daily top picks 05/12/2009


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Top Picks of the Day

1. Did BC’s New Democrats pick wrong fight with carbon tax?

In a move that left the environmental wing of the party gasping for air, the NDP decided to exploit rural anger and oppose BC’s carbon tax shift, even though it was supported by climate-change scientists and environmental economists around the globe. When gas prices dipped, that anger was replaced by concern about the economy and jobs. Toronto Globe and Mail 05/12/2009
2. Minority mortgages at risk in WA

Another wave of foreclosures is likely to hit, according to a recent report from the Washington State Budget and Policy Center. It also predicts African-Americans and Latinos are most at risk of losing their homes. KUOW 05/12/2009
3. Court victory for sage-grouse habitat in western states

A judge has refused to dismiss and break apart a sweeping lawsuit accusing federal land managers of giving livestock grazing and energy development priority over protecting sage grouse habitat across millions of acres of public land in six western states. Oregonian 05/12/2009
4. OR workers cut costs by working from home

The concept of telecommuting — employees working from home or another remote location instead of the office — has been around for decades. It was touted as an answer to the energy crisis in the 1970s, heralded in the 1980s as a way to balance work and family, and now is being lauded as a way to boost productivity and trim facilities costs. Corvallis Gazette Times 05/11/2009
5. The influence game: Firms exact climate price

Big firms, many of which depend on coal — the biggest source of heat-trapping gases — hold heavy sway on Capitol Hill, where they have spent millions working to change policy. It seems their stance on the climate change measure — a key element of Obama’s agenda — can’t be ignored. San Francisco Chronicle 05/11/2009
6. Pesticide carbofuran banned for food crops

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a final rule Monday banning the use of the pesticide carbofuran on food crops, saying it poses an unacceptable health risk, especially to children. San Francisco Chronicle 05/11/2009
7. Whatcom Co. may ban ‘clustered’ development in rural forestry zones

Forestry advocates support clustering, saying it keeps large parcels of land available for forestry. But anti-sprawl group Futurewise says it leads to suburban or urban development in places it shouldn’t be, and it legally leaves the rest of the land available for future development, not just logging. Bellingham Herald 05/12/2009
8. Views: Is Cascadia’s train coming in?

High-speed rail between Seattle and Vancouver could be a catalyst for regional development, and identity. Crosscut 05/12/2009
9. Views: Is global warming already hitting wild salmon?

Changing ocean conditions have already made rivers and oceans warmer, prompting early spring run-off and disrupting the lifecycle of the salmon. In addition, as those who have invested time and money in rebuilding watersheds know, urbanization, forestry, mining, land-based farming and a host of other factors have affected fish habitat and survival rates. Vancouver Sun 05/12/2009

10. Van Jones on Green Jobs and Community-Building
“When you think about green, you often think about people who have a lot of money and who can afford a certain lifestyle,” Jones says. “But really what the green economy represents is a massive opportunity for new work, new wealth and better health for all Americans.” NPR 05/12/2009


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