Seattle Event: Climate Rally, May 21

From 1Sky

Stopping global warming isn’t just a challenge, it’s a huge opportunity.  It’s an opportunity for us to be at our best – Americans have proven time and again that given a chance, we’ve got the ingenuity and grit to tackle just about anything.

On May 21st Seattle will host one of only two EPA public hearings in the entire country.  The EPA is seeking public input on their decision that global warming pollution is a threat to human health, the first step in establishing new rules to reduce global warming pollution. We’re planning a big rally outside the hearing, because it’s time for all of us to say with one strong voice: It’s time to tackle climate change!

Rally for Climate, Clean Energy, and Public Health

When:  Thursday, May 21st at Noon
Where:  Outside of Bell Harbor Convention Center, 2211 Alaskan Way, Pier 66, Downtown Seattle
Who: Washingtonians who want action on climate change

There is power in numbers and that’s why we need YOU to be a Rally Magnet. Being a Rally Magnet means that you’ll bring five friends to come to the Rally on May 21st. The same old oil industry and conservative business interests will be doing their best to influence the process.  We need to demonstrate decisive and overwhelming support for bold federal action on global warming.  Become a Rally Magnet and bring five friends to the Rally on May 21st!

We need to make it crystal clear to our state and national leaders:  the people of Washington want bold action on climate change!    Washington is being given a huge opportunity to impact our country’s global warming policies.  The EPA is only coming to two cities, and Seattle is one of them.
Being a Rally Magnet means that you’ll attract five friends to come to the Rally on May 21st.

By registering as a Rally Magnet you are linked in to our Obama Campaign-style online networking site.  You can use this to invite friends to come with you to the rally, or to sign up as Rally Magnets.  Each Rally Magnet’s goal is to get 5 friends to come.  Rally Magnets are also automatically entered in our contest to win great prizes based on the number of people you attract to the rally.

Click here to sign up.

If there is one action you do this year, please do this.  Together WE CAN!

Joelle, 1Sky organizer

P.S.  Please tell everyone you know on Facebook about our event page – or cut and paste:


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