Sightline Daily top picks 04/29/2009

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Top Picks of the Day

1. Nissan will sell electric car in Seattle

Seattle will be one of the first cities where Nissan sells a new electric car next year, and the city will help make the vehicles viable. The automaker also intends to work with government and other organizations and companies on a plan to promote the cars and creation of a network of charging facilities. Seattle Post-Intelligencer 04/28/2009
2. Canada takes aim at coal power

Canada’s federal government is planning sweeping new climate-change regulations for its electricity sector that will phase out traditional coal-fired power and cap emissions. Any new coal plants will have to include highly expensive – and unproven – technology to capture greenhouse gas emissions and inject it underground for permanent storage. Globe and Mail 04/29/2009
3. King County gets an ‘F’ for dirty air

Sixty percent of Americans live in areas with unhealthy air pollution levels, despite a growing green movement and more stringent laws aimed at improving air quality, the American Lung Association said in a new report. It gave poor marks to Washington’s King County: An “F” for ozone levels and a “C” for particle pollution based on a violation of stricter smog standards last year. Seattle Post-Intelligencer 04/29/2009
4. Obama revives endangered species reviews

The Obama administration announced that federal agencies will once again be required to undergo an independent scientific review if they embark on projects that might affect threatened or endangered species, marking yet another reversal of a last-minute Bush administration environmental regulation. Washington Post 04/28/2009
5. BC forest job losses top 20,000

Former BC pulp mill worker Rick Berry traded a house he can’t sell for a dorm room and pay phone hundreds of miles away to take advantage of a trades retraining program. But he feels like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders in getting away from the soul-eating anxiety of waiting for a turnaround in the worst forestry downturn in memory. Vancouver Sun 04/29/2009
6. FEMA slow to curb salmon-killing building

When a federal judge ruled five years ago that building in Puget Sound flood plains helped drive orcas, chinook and chum salmon toward extinction, federal officials agreed to make development in flood-prone areas more fish friendly. But none of the local governments that oversee development in Puget Sound would be required to follow the agency’s new guidelines. Seattle Times 04/28/2009
7. Vancouver parks choking on bottled water ban?

A suggested ban on bottled water isn’t going down easy at the Vancouver park board. Already saddled with an unprecedented $1.9-million cut to its operating funds this year, the board is looking at the prospect of losing $250,000 in revenues from bottled-water sales. Georgia Straight 04/28/2009
8. Nuclear power’s huge price tag

A ghost from the nuclear industry’s early years has reappeared. It is not public apprehension about safety or disposal issues this time, but the staggering cost of building nuclear reactors. Seattle Times 04/28/2009
9. Recession has changed lifestyles, poll shows

The recession has forced a majority of Americans to alter their lifestyles, and many are upset about it, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. According to the survey, 66 percent have lost a job or have seen someone close to them get laid off. Washington Post 04/28/2009

10. Views: Same work, same pay for women
The last Tuesday in April is Equal Pay Day, marking the extra four months it takes women to catch up to the amount earned by men the previous year. Nearly five decades after the country banned wage discrimination, women in the United States still earn only 78 cents for every dollar earned by men. Juneau Empire 04/28/2009


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