Sightline Daily top picks 04/22/2009

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Top Picks of the Day

1. OR landfills emptier in economic downturn

A funny thing happened on the way to financial collapse: Oregon landfills started receiving less and less garbage. The economic downturn has had a curious “green” effect, but there are downsides too. Financial worries have complicated cap and trade, forced companies to hold onto polluting relic smokestacks and caused consumers to delay buying cleaner cars. Oregonian 04/22/2009
2. Green jobs expand Earth Day’s reach

The debate over whether we can do right by the environment and right by the economy at the same time is over, said the Obama administration’s “green jobs” czar. Earth day is now for nature lovers, laid off workers, homeowners who could save on energy bills through weatherization measures and entrepreneurs capitalizing on economic-recovery funds to provide those services. Contra Costa Times 04/21/2009
3. BC mayors: Fund transit with carbon tax

Lower BC mayors, struggling with the dilemma of how to pay for the next decade’s half-billion dollars in transit improvements, plan to push the provincial parties to give them carbon-tax revenue to pay the bill. Toronto Globe and Mail 04/21/2009
4. Jobless in WA: Dad, daughter wait and fret

Not long ago, Gary and Rachel Peterson were a happy father-daughter team, working together at the same mill in Aberdeen, living in the same big house with Rachel’s husband and her kids. Months after Weyerhaueser announced it was closing the mill, they’re still dealing with the change. NPR 04/21/2009
5. CA pioneers low-carbon fuel rules

California air regulators are considering first-in-the nation standards to require the use of “low-carbon fuels” to reduce greenhouse gases. The rules would reduce carbon in the state’s transportation fuels by 10 percent and boost renewable fuels available to motorists, truck drivers, recreational boaters and in-state train operators. San Francisco Chronicle 04/21/2009
6. States seek salmon disaster declaration

The governors of Oregon and California are asking the federal government to declare another West Coast salmon fishery failure. Federal scientists blame dangerously low returns of fall chinook that have closed commercial salmon fishing off California and most of Oregon to climatic conditions that produced very little food in the ocean and an over-reliance on hatchery fish. Seattle Times 04/21/2009
7. EPA seeks lid on cement plant pollution

The federal government is moving to drastically reduce air pollution from cement plants, and the biggest offender is in Oregon. The EPA released proposed rules to reduce mercury, a neurotoxin that builds up in fish, which when eaten by people can lead to birth defects and stunted brain development. Oregonian 04/21/2009
8. Bicycle wheels turning across the Columbia

Bicycle commuting is gaining ground nationwide, with ridership jumping in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh. Now add this unlikely enclave: Vancouver. As in, Vancouver, Wash. Oregonian 04/22/2009
9. Chemical cleaners out; pantry staples in

A growing number of doctors and parents are concerned that chemicals used to make homes cleaner could make people sick or accidentally poison children. Some are finding they can clean the entire house with pantry staples such as vinegar, baking soda and warm water that are safe enough to eat and cost as little as a penny an ounce. USA Today 04/21/2009

10. Ashland farmer reinvents community supported ag
As “community supported agriculture” programs have proliferated and the economy has withered, farmers are reinventing the model to stay viable. One Oregon farm is offering small shares to address a common complaint among CSA subscribers: They receive too many vegetables to use in a single week. Ashland Daily Tidings 04/22/2009


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