Sightline Daily top picks 04/20/2009

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Top Picks of the Day

1. In 2009, Earth Day is every day

Earth Day is attracting a broad and growing fan base that includes music lovers, college students, community gardeners, moviegoers, corporate executives and others. Since 1970, environmental consciousness has become part of the economic and political mainstream, evidenced by Obama’s call for investment in renewable energy as a way to boost the economy. USA Today 04/19/2009
2. Cantwell favors cap-and-dividend

WA Sen. Maria Cantwell and others are leaning toward a system – dubbed cap-and-dividend – that would cap carbon dioxide emissions and require companies to pay for their credits or allowances. The money raised would be distributed to taxpayers, who likely would face higher utility bills as utilities pass along the added costs of curbing greenhouse gases. Tacoma News Tribune 04/19/2009
3. Protecting pedestrians from killer cars

Pity the poor pedestrian. While vehicle drivers and their passengers are cocooned in a crash, people hit by a car have no such protection. That could change, thanks to a variety of systems that when built into a vehicle will improve a pedestrian’s chances. ABC News 04/19/2009
4. Oregon’s jobless rate No. 2: Huh?

Oregon business news has become a daily drumbeat of layoffs and bankruptcies, yet it’s difficult even for experts to fathom how joblessness here could approach levels of Michigan, a state devastated by the auto industry’s meltdown. Oregonian 04/19/2009
5. Clean fuels’ higher cost

Clean energy has a dirty secret: it isn’t cheap. Consumers already are starting to feel at least a modest pinch in their electric bills and the impact is expected to grow. In Oregon, for instance, Portland General Electric is seeking a 2.3% rate increase to raise the annual $41.3 million needed to fund construction of a big wind farm. USA Today 04/19/2009
6. First salmon-eating sea lion killed

Last month, the fish-loving sea lion C265 became the first California sea lion legally euthanized by the government since a landmark law protecting the pinnipeds passed nearly 40 years ago. The death offers insight into a novel government program on the Columbia River that uses taxpayer money to kill one species in order to save another. Oregonian 04/19/2009
7. Mid-Columbia farmers go organic

Crunching on an organic apple may be a choice associated with the state’s west side and its reputation for tree-hugging environmentalists. But more than 70 percent of Washington’s certified organic farmland acres were on the more conservative east side of the state, according to a recent report. Tri-City Herald 04/19/2009
8. How green is my bottle?

With Earth Day approaching, it’s worth asking: how environmentally friendly are “green” products, really? Such as, are stainless steel bottles – the paragon of eco virtue – really better than plastic? New York Times 04/19/2009
9. Lose 10 pounds, save the planet

Staying slim helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions because heavier people tend to use vehicles more, say British researchers who estimate a lean population of one billion people would emit one billion tonnes less carbon dioxide equivalents per year. CBC BC 04/19/2009

10. The end is near! (Yay!)
Feeling anxious about global warming and economic collapse? In towns like Sandpoint, Idaho, people are trying to look on the bright side of an America with less. New York Times 04/19/2009


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