2009 Puget Sound Farm Guide


REPOST from Cascade Harvest Coalition

Mary Embleton, 206-632-0606, mary@cascadeharvest.org

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2009 Puget Sound Farm Guide

Fresh off the press & available now

Seattle, WA. The 2009 Puget Sound Fresh Farm Guide, a free publication produced by Cascade Harvest Coalition is now available and ready to bring farm fresh goodness to your kitchen table.

The only publication of its kind, the 36-page guide is packed from start to finish with resources and tools that make it easy for consumers to shop smart, fresh and local at more than 160 farms and farmers markets collectively, plus farm stands, farms, u-picks, and CSA’s located within the 12 counties that touch Puget Sound.

Counties include Clallam, Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Island, Mason, Pierce, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Thurston, and Whatcom.

“These challenging economic times call for good value,” says Mary Embleton, Cascade Harvest Coalition’s Executive Director. “We have such an abundance of fresh, healthy food grown and produced in this region. By learning where and how to shop for fresh, in-season foods, consumers get great value for their food dollar.”

Consumers will also know where their food comes from, says Embleton. A recent New York Times article revealed that most food manufacturers and distributors could not identify suppliers and recipients of their products despite federal rules that require them to do so. “One of the 40 products tested included a tomato from various retail stores around the country, and investigators were unable to identify the supply chain.”

With a fresh new design that makes for easy reading, the publication includes a “What’s Fresh When” section, quick search guides for farms, farmers markets, CSA’s and complete calendar of fairs and special farm events. Additionally, detailed farms and farmers market listings are broken out by county with a handy two-page map.

The Puget Sound Farm Guide is available at Seattle area YMCA’s and most libraries, including King County, Seattle Public libraries and other regional libraries as well as county conservation districts, farmers markets, farm stands, farms and community celebrations throughout the Puget Sound region.

To download a PDF version of the guide, visit our companion website, www.pugetsoundfresh.org. For more information about Cascade Harvest Coalition, visit www.cascadeharvestcoalition.org


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