Support U-District Food Bank, it’s easy and anything helps

I got this email from a friend today and thought DIRT would be the perfect place to repost it. I don’t know about you, but at certain times in my life, I’ve relied on my local food bank to fill my kitchen with food. Now fortunately is not one of those times. I’ve got a stable job and a garden to keep my belly full. But I know I’m luckier than a lot of people in these uncertain times.  So now is the time for me (and hopefully you, too) to give back!

There is a theory developed by Lord Cameron in England that if there
was a food crisis that it would take just nine meals – three full days
without food on supermarket shelves – before law and order started to
break down, and British streets descended into chaos. As we all know
due the the incessant media bliz, we are in admist of an economic
crisis. While there is food on the shelves, there are millions of
folks carrying empty wallets and struggling to make ends meet with the
pittance from unemployment. On the other hand, there are a lot of us
folks that are still employed, myself included. I am grateful that I
still have a job. That being said, I am collecting money to purchase
food items and donate to the food banks which are strapped because
donations are down and demand is increasing. Also, I know that a lot
of people have a hard time donating to charity because they are
uncertain if the money is truly going towards the cause.

So this is what I’m going to do: For one month I will be collecting
money via my Paypal account. Every week (or more) I will be posting the roster (name and amount donated) of donations online. At the end of the month, I will go to Costco (thanks Matt and Lee Dicks!) and purchase items off the wish list of the University District Food Bank, then obviously donate them to said food bank. After I donate, I will be posting the receipt online for you to see what your donation bought.

I know this sounds sketchy, but I’m fortunate to still be employed and
I feel that everyone needs to pitch in and help each other. Please
feel free to donate as much or as little as possible. Even a quarter

Here is my email address to my Paypal account:
Here is the website for the food bank:

Like I said, I will be posting the names of people that donated with
the amounts donated. If you’re uncomfortable with your name being
published, I will assign you an alias. Also, if you don’t want to
donate, that’s totally cool, just do something nice to someone today.

I will be donating the foodstuffs on April 28th.

1. Lizzy P. $25.00
2. Tracey H. $10.00
3. Virginia J. $20.00
4. Erin K. $20.00
5. Rebecca D. $20.00
6 Matt P. $30.00


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