Sightline Daily top picks 04/14/2009

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Top Picks of the Day

1. Unemployed bet on green-collar jobs

As the economy sheds jobs, community colleges across the country are reporting a surge of unemployed workers enrolling in courses that offer training for “green-collar” jobs. Students are learning how to install solar panels, repair wind turbines, produce biofuels and do other work related to renewable energy. Everett Herald 04/14/2009
2. Is Canada’s economic stability tied to clean energy?

Wind farms are popping up across the region, fueling Atlantic Canada’s new energy economy and shielding the region from the worst effects of the economic downturn. Vancouver Sun 04/14/2009
3. Stimulus to fund Mid-Columbia weatherization

Washington received nearly $60 million in federal stimulus money through the nation’s Weatherization Assistance Program. The program is designed to help low-income families reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. This is good news for companies like Benton-Franklin Co’s Intermountain West Insulation that have had to downsize to weather the economic storm. Tri-City Herald 04/14/2009
4. Electric utilities fight OR curbs on carbon emissions

Oregon’s two largest electric utilities are scrambling to head off limits on the amount of carbon their power plants emit, warning legislators of massive rate increases if they’re forced to comply with Oregon’s greenhouse gas reduction goal. But consumers can be protected by power grid improvements, energy efficiency investments and direct rebates. Oregonian 04/14/2009
5. Sponsor ready to compromise on AK abortion bill

Backers of a bill to require parental consent before a girl younger than 17 could get an abortion say they will compromise and settle for parental notification. Juneau Empire 04/14/2009
6. NDP would dismantle BC’s carbon tax shift

As the BC election campaign gets under way today, top environmentalists have set their sights on punishing Carole James, the New Democratic Party Leader, for her faux-populist promise to scrap Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell’s carbon tax shift. Toronto Globe and Mail 04/14/2009
7. WA family raises worms, awareness

A Kitsap family’s worm farm wins an Earth Day award for environmental leadership. Worms are sold to make quick work of garden composting. The family also brings worms into classrooms for science lessons about how nature recycles dead plants and animals. Kitsap Sun 04/13/2009
8. CA wants to pull plug on energy-guzzling TVs

California state regulators, who have limited automobile emissions and required large utilities to increase use of renewable energy, now are taking aim at a ubiquitous household item – the television. San Francisco Chronicle 04/14/2009
9. Views: Invest in WA’s future or gut our values?

Our choice is between maintaining the public systems that lay the foundation for our economic recovery and making shortsighted cuts that undermine our hope for the future. The answer is a more stable funding and expenditure system that will weather economic storms and keep our values intact. Seattle Times 04/13/2009

10. The cow of the future may produce less gas
The US dairy industry wants to engineer the “cow of the future” to pass less gas, a project aimed at cutting the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020. Seattle Times 04/14/2009


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