Next 24 hours crucial!

REPOST from 1Sky

We need your help today to pass the Governor’s climate bill out of the state House.

The Legislature still has the chance to take action to reduce Washington’s dependence on fossil fuels and take steps to deliver real reductions in our global warming pollution.  But we expect a fierce fight from defenders of the status quo.

Urge your Representatives to support the Governor’s climate bill with no weakening amendments.

While our Cap and Invest priority legislation was not successful, a proposed new version of the Governor’s climate bill (E2SSB 5735) would:

-require Washington’s one coal plant to clean up its global warming pollution no later than 2025;

-create transportation choices that save time and money, giving Washington residents more options to get where they need to go faster; and

-keep Washington engaged in the Western Climate Initiative, a regional program to reduce global warming pollution.

Legislators will be making up their minds on this bill in the next day or two, and taking a vote before FridayPlease send an email to your Representatives now to urge them to support the Governor’s climate bill with no weakening amendments.

Together, we can continue to build the clean energy economy and provide leadership in the fight against climate change.

Thank you,

Joelle, 1Sky Washington organizer

1Sky Washington is a campaign led by Climate Solutions and Washington Environmental Council working with partners across the state to pass strong policies to reduce global warming pollution, decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, and transition Washington to a clean energy economy.


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