Stop the Coal Industry’s Sweetheart Deal: Write Gov. Gregoire Today!

REPOST from Sierra Club

Coal is so last century. Coal mining destroys mountains and prairies. Coal creates more global warming pollution than any other energy source. Coal spews toxins into our air, water, and communities. In Washington State, we still use dirty coal.

Washington State can move beyond coal with your help.

Send a message to Governor Gregoire asking her to stand up for public health, clean renewable energy, good green jobs, and a green economy in the Northwest.

The TransAlta Power Plant in Centralia is one of Washington State’s dirtiest polluters; it spews out 1.4 million tons of toxic waste a year and is the state’s largest single point emitter of global warming pollution.  It’s old, it’s dirty, and it’s standing in the way of our clean energy future.

TransAlta has lobbied the Washington State Department of Ecology for weak emission standards for the toxic pollutants nitrogen oxide and mercury. At TransAlta’s insistence, these bargains were conducted behind closed doors and could go into effect without public comment.

Don’t let polluting corporations get a sweetheart deal. Click here to send a message to the Governor asking her not to sign this bad agreement and ask her instead to come up with a plan to move beyond dirty coal.

Washington has been a leader in building a clean energy and a sustainable future, but we can’t keep that reputation and keep burning coal. Help us to promote cleaner, healthier energy options like wind and solar power and energy efficiency.


Ethan Bergerson
Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club

P.S. We need a grassroots movement to give coal the boot. Please contact me if you want to get involved. I can be reached at or 206-378-0114 x 315. For more information on this specific bad coal deal, read this recent Seattle Times article.


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