Sightline Daily top picks 04/08/2009

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Top Picks of the Day

1. Oregon test drives vehicles of the future

Oregon’s governor test drove electric cars on Monday and Tuesday. On Thursday, yet another company is expected to announce Oregon as a test market for its zero-emission vehicle. Oregon is enjoying a buzz in the electric car business, but questions still swirl around which projects will come to fruition and which won’t. Oregon Public Broadcasting 04/07/2009
2. Gregoire backs heavy hike for WA tuition

WA governor Christine Gregoire wants to let universities increase tuition by 30 percent over the next two years to offset deep higher-education budget cuts. The proposal is welcomed by university leaders and appears to have some support from key lawmakers. Students, however, are not so happy. Seattle Times 04/07/2009
3. WA state’s secret deal with coal plant

Gov. Chris Gregoire’s administration and owners of the state’s only coal-fired power plant have secretly agreed to new air-pollution limits for the facility. The result, say critics, is a deal brokered out of public view that demands too little of the Centralia power plant, allowing it to continue adding smog that obscures some of the region’s most treasured views, including Mount Rainier. Seattle Times 04/08/2009
4. More homeless seniors using vehicles as shelter

The homeless population is graying, with senior citizens spending their last days living in RVs, trucks and campers, moving from parking space to parking space, waiting for Social Security checks, fearful of having their vehicles impounded or being told to leave. Seattle Times 04/08/2009
5. Corndoggle: ethanol’s cautionary tale in Oregon

The story of Oregon’s largest ethanol producer’s lightning-fast skid into bankruptcy is more than just the most spectacular corporate flameout in recent state history. It’s also a cautionary tale of the unanticipated speed bumps on Oregon’s path to sustainability. Willamette Week 04/08/2009
6. Kitsap embraces low-impact development

Kitsap County is working on a model “cookbook” of low-impact recipes that developers can use to clean stormwater. Authorities have revised their codes and trained engineering staffs to encourage the use of green roofs, bioswales, underground gravel beds and pervious pavement to filter runoff more naturally. Kitsap Sun 04/07/2009
7. Vancouver boosts urban bee population

Inspired by the news that bee populations across North America are in decline, volunteers in Vancouver are now monitoring 53 new colonies of mason bees, living in their own “bee condos” in various parks and public spaces around the city. Vancouver Sun 04/07/2009
8. Report: green spending better stimulus than tax cuts

Government spending on transportation infrastructure, energy efficiency upgrades and environmentally friendly projects would offer a far bigger boost to the economy than granting tax cuts to individuals and businesses, according to two reports from the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington D.C.-based think tank. Oregonian 04/07/2009
9. Views: give a dam about BC run-of-river debate

The debate in British Columbia on just how environmentally sound run-of-river projects are rages as passionately as its rivers. Proponents say run-of-river-generated hydro is cleaner and greener than other sources. Opponents believe these seemingly benign projects damage the environment and sell off public resources. BC Local News 04/08/2009

10. Poll: job safety overtakes environment as concern
Canadians and Americans want companies to express their social responsibility by creating jobs and maintaining employment – a shift from a focus on environmental issues – according to a new poll. Globe and Mail 04/08/2009


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