A big first step

REPOST from 1Sky

I have exciting news about our chances for passing a strong climate bill this year!

Last Tuesday, leaders in Congress released a draft of a major climate and energy bill — the first to reach for science-based targets to cut global warming pollution. It’s a huge first step to lead America into a clean energy economy.

But there are many key parts we have to strengthen before it moves forward. This may be our best shot at passing climate legislation this year, so it’s critical that we make it as strong as possible.

Your members of Congress are still home for their April recess. This is your best chance to educate them about bold climate solutions and this bill before they start working on it later this month.

You can do this by simply dropping off some materials about the bill and bold climate solutions at their district office near you. Sign up today:


You don’t have to meet with your representative, senators, or their staff. After signing up, simply look up their district office near you, print the materials we will provide you, and drop them off at your convenience.

You have until Friday, April 17th to drop off these materials, so please sign up today:


After the April recess, we have less than a month until the House Energy and Commerce Committee votes on the bill — so everything we do between now and then counts.

This action probably won’t take up much of your time, but it could make all the difference in our efforts to strengthen this bill before the House votes on it this summer. Sign up today!

On behalf of the 1Sky team,

Liz Butler
Field and Outreach Director, 1Sky


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